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Rates Parent-Child Center SAMIMI 2021

Dear parent, you can read here how we arrive at a monthly amount and what we offer you for it. SAMIMI charges 8.95 euros per hour for childcare. This price includes warm organic fruit and a small snack, a signpost for parents and a workplace for entrepreneurs.

• The number of hours per month is calculated by dividing the half-day x number of times per week x 47 weeks: 12 months = the monthly rate. We invoice a monthly amount that is the same every month.

• In case of illness of your child, this part of the day can be exchanged for another part of the day, provided there is space available in the group. These parts of the day can be exchanged within 1 month after the relevant day of illness. Availability can be checked with the leader.

• Prices are increased every year in the context of wage increases, inflation and changes in childcare. What the actual costs are for you personally can be calculated via the website of the tax authorities.

SAMIMI is open 47 weeks a year. And is closed: 1 week during the May holidays, 3 weeks during the summer holidays and 1 week during the Christmas holidays.

DagdeelBedragPer maand
2 dagdelen 8,95 per uur280,45 per mnd
3 dagdelen 8,95 per uur420,65 per mnd
4 dagdelen 8,95 per uur560,90 per mnd

Questions about the invoices are answered by Juliette of service bureau Drakepit. Feel free to email her:

Information about our partner Drakepit can be found on their website: