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Parent-child team & Support team.

With great pleasure we go to work every day to enjoy the parents and their children together, to be open to everyone’s development and to live with them in a loving way. That is why we can all be found in the parents’ square in the living room. For a listening ear, parenting support or any other need. Or you can find us in the playgroup where we give the children space and warmth.

The support team consists of our cook Fatma and Tessa and Juliette from the service bureau Drakepit.

We will appoint the parents’ committee shortly. We are already supported by the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board.

They bring their experience from different corners/sectors of society. Together we ensure a pleasant organization of high quality.

Parent-child team

These people

can be found in the living room at the parent square and also work in childcare at the playgroup

Afbeelding Het Team Ouder-kind team

Helen Janssen

Foto Ouder kind team

Aysenur Holthausen

Foto ouder kind team

Sandra Chotkan


Gerjanne Lemmens

Support team

Fatma prepares the delicious meals. From service bureau Drakepit Juliette takes care of the invoices and Tessa looks at the legal frameworks.
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Ondersteunend team foto

Fatma Olmez

Ondersteunend team foto

Juliette Ligthart

Ondersteunend team foto

Tessa Dirksen